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Artistic Ironing: handwashing


We'll not only wash the exterior of your car, we'll also dry-clean the interior. The washing is done using the two-bucket method. Compressed air and a tornador unit are used to clean the interior. Only chemicals that are safe for the car and for humans are used.

Why should I?


We use only the highest quality cleaning products that are gentle on the car and the person doing the work.


Thoroughly wash the whole car.


You'll save time because we'll do the cleaning faster with professional equipment and tools than if you were to do it yourself.


After the car has been washed, we can coat it with Nano Wax, which will provide long-lasting and high-quality protection against harmful environmental factors.



The service uses only safe means. 

  • The car is initially irrigated/cooled. 
  • Coated with dirt solvent to remove old dirt from the bodywork
  • Most of the dirt is washed away with a high-pressure jet
  • Additional cleaning of road deposits/smudges/tar
  • Foam washing using the two-bucket method (one for the exterior, the other for the underside of the car and the rims)
  • Rinsing
  • Waxing
  • Primary dehumidification (dehumidification skin)
  • Blowing residual water out of gaps, mirrors and handles
  • Final drying of the bodywork and gaps with microfibre cloths
  • Blackened tyres
  • Dust extraction with compressed air and Tornador
  • Vacuuming the seats, floor and boot
  • Additional cleaning of animal hair may be possible
  • Cleaning plastic surfaces with microfibre cloths
  • Cleaning the inside of windows
  • Additional cleaning of small stains with damp cloths may be possible
  • Additional plastic impregnation of plastic parts of the interior
  • Additional cleaning of the driver's left footrest


The service has two phases. The first stage is the cleaning of the car's exterior: the car is foam washed with a drying and waxing process, optional Nano-coating of the body, removal of insect residues, chemical cleaning of the rims, blackening/refurbishing of the tyres.

The second stage is cleaning the interior of the car: vacuuming the interior and boot, dusting, cleaning the windows, removing minor dirt from the interior trim, cleaning the fabric mats with a tornador device (fabric) or by washing (rubber)

You can choose the services you want individually or order our service packages at very good prices.

During contactless washing using a very alkaline (acidic) chemical that damages your car's Nano coating, causing it to lose its properties faster. Also, non-contact washing is not as detailed and thorough. Even the smallest gaps are cleaned during hand washing, thanks to the excellent access our cleanliness experts have to them. It is important to note that hand washing thoroughly washes not only the body of the car, but also its interior.

Depending on for the service or set of services you choose, a car wash can take between 25 and 80 minutes.

We only work with tried and tested, top quality tools that are "friendly" to both your car and the person doing the work.

Yes, we can successfully remove even the most stubborn road grime from the body of your car using special tools.