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Applying a protective film to the body of a car is a procedure where a film is applied to the desired, most vulnerable parts of the body to protect the parts from damage and harmful environmental factors. For example, the film can be applied to the front bumper, wings, bonnet, lamps and other parts. We use Xpel and Ceramic Pro - Kavaca films.

Why should I?


We use only the highest quality materials and techniques.


Specialists with the most experience through authorised training


It's the only way to protect your car from scratches, dents and other impacts


Minor heat scratches heal themselves


The mock-up of the part is cut out with a plotter, so there is no need to cut on the car body




The protective film protects your car body parts from damaging environmental factors such as UV rays, salts and fading.

It's the only way to protect your car from scratches, dents and other mechanical impacts.

The car will stay beautiful for longer and its residual value will be higher if you decide to sell it.

The film is completely transparent and invisible, so it adheres to body parts like a second skin.

We use Xpel and Ceramic Pro - Kavaca films. We cut the layouts with a plotter.

Not always, but often it is true. The protective film is made of transparent polyurethane (rubber), while the colour change is made of plastic. 

Plastic is not UV-resistant, cold-resistant or resistant to mechanical stress.

PPF uses a thicker layer and the cost of the material varies considerably. 

Applying a protective film requires a higher level of craftsmanship

Yes, it's even very advisable, as matt paints require special care. It cannot be renewed by polishing and the damage is very difficult to repair.

The matt car is protected by a special matt protective film.

This way, the use of a matt clear protective film allows you to achieve the matt effect of the original paint while at the same time protecting the car.

Demand for protective films is growing strongly, and manufacturers are offering new products. Today we can offer the following protective films:

- transparent protective film
- Transparent protective film with ceramic coating
- Matte protective film (to protect cars painted in a matt colour or to change a glossy colour to a matt colour)
- black protective film (for a deep glass-black effect)
- Tinted protective film (for lamp protection and tinting)
- windscreen protector

Both the manufacturer and ML Auto Centre offer a 10-year warranty on film and work

Yes, in the event of an insured event, the insurance company will pay for the resealing of the damaged area. In the case of civil liability, always. In the case of CASCO insurance, it is always better to inform the company that the car is covered by a protective film.